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Private property and project management in queenstown spectrum group

Making Queenstown Holiday Home Management and Project Management Easy

Our Approach & Fees

At Spectrum Property, we’re set up to do as much or as little as our very unique clients require. From large technical projects, to interior design, private home and Air BNB care, personal concierge, right through to annual home maintenance planning or just periodical checks of your house when vacant.


We understand more than anyone that no two of our clients requirements are the same. In recognition of these very diverse range of needs, we work based on a simple charge up of time and in doing so can take care of the smallest requests to the biggest of projects…

Instead of trying to be the best at everything, we focus on managing the best resources and contractors to meet our client’s needs and requirements. Using the best suppliers and matching them to each of our clients specific needs instead of trying to do it all ourselves, allows to always stay nimble and manage multiple properties and workloads. Above all our focus on the home and home owners needs comes first and foremost.

Want to Know More? 

Call us now to discuss how we may assist with your home and needs here in the Southern Lakes.

How Does the Spectrum Property Billing Structure Work?

Instead of having set packages for a range of services, we apply a simple billing structure at a set rate of $85 p/h. Understanding our clients busy lives, we invoice on a monthly basis based on actual services provided. This approach allows us to respond and manage a varied range of services for our clients no matter how big or small. From private home management, to new home set up, larger projects, maintenance, right down the very smallest of special concierge requests.

Having an established network of suppliers and contractors allows us to obtain priority service, fast reaction times, and often significant trade discounts and rates on behalf of our clients. 

We operate with a complete open book policy which means that our clients receive the best possible value and all contractors that we work with are keenly aware that high standards for workmanship are expected, and that unrealistic charges will simply not be accepted.  As a result, our clients benefit from top quality services and can feel confident knowing that they are always being fairly charged by all suppliers.


This basic billing structure allows us to provide incredible flexibility to meet our clients individual needs as and when they need it. This also means that for any periods of time when our clients need less assistance, they will only pay minimal if any costs to have the Spectrum Team available when required.

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