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Altitude Luxury

Spectrum Property Group

Perfectly positioned close to one of the world's most celebrated alpine resorts, this premium location offers the ultimate alpine retreat in a holiday destination second to none. With simply breathtaking panoramic views over some of New Zealand's most iconic scenery the exclusive enclave, Altitude Luxury, is ideally located less than 10 minutes to central Queenstown. This stunning retreat offers complete peace, tranquillity and privacy unrivalled in the region.

Spectrum Solutions have been an integral part of this homes ongoing care and project management over the last 6 years from new construction to becoming a remarkably successful short term holiday home rental. The home remains in immaculate condition despite heavy guest use affording the homeowners an enviable short term holiday rental investment and home to retreat to enjoy themselves with little sign of the heavy guest use it experiences through the rest of the year.

Spectrum Property Group

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